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Adriana Arroyo


Over my career, I have met so many college-bound families just going through the motions and leaving money for college on the table. So many of them know the importance of a good education but only know the basics which, ultimately, has them paying more for their education. My goal is to help families understand the ins and outs of the college process, to understand how to compare one school to the next three on their list, to research their educational aspirations, understand financial aid and how to afford it. Most importantly, I work with families to find their “Impact School.”  I have worked with students from  California, Illinois, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, New York, and New Jersey to name a few and they all are now empowered to take hold of their college journey.

My passion to help college-bound families navigate the college process has led me to create this platform. With Admissions Mascot, you will gain the tools and information you need to navigate the admissions process with confidence and without having to pay someone else to do it for you.  I believe in teaching families "how to fish" versus keeping them on “the hook.” The college admissions process can be overwhelming but when you have a strong foundation on how it all works you can take the reins and find the right college mascot for you.

So cheers to my future admissions mascots! I cannot wait to meet you and hear about your dreams.

Need more details?

Contact me by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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