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School counselors have so much on their plate.  With an average caseload of 451 students per counselor, it is difficult for them to incorporate a robust college planning program when they are being pulled in so many directions. So to keep your student on track, I am offering several one-on-one sessions to help you along the way. Cheers to finding your college mascot!

Free Consultation

Looking for someone to help you through the college search? It's not easy but when you have someone with the knowledge and expertise to walk you through, it becomes much easier.


As part of this free consultation, I want to hear about your interests, your goals, and where you are in the process. I will give you a few pointers which will help you get on track.


Should you be interested in working with me throughout your college search and we are a good fit, we can discuss options that would work for you. My goal is to get you on the right track and confident in your college planning.

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College Search: Find your Impact School

Searching for the "right fit" is not the best way to find the school that will impact your life.  Join me to learn how to find the school that will change your life but not break the bank. 

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The Scholarship Hunt

Need money for college? Not sure where to start. Looking to graduated debt-free? Join me to learn how and where to find scholarships tailored to you!

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Behind the Scenes: The College Application Process

Wondering what happens after you click the submit button on the Common App? How do admissions reps review your file? What do you do if you're placed on Waitlist? Can you appeal a deny letter? Join me to hear from a former Director of Undergraduate Admissions.   

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Admissions Mascot Scholarship

Calling all future first and second-generation college students who are searching for their college mascot! I want to hear about which mascot most embodies you and your goals as a college student.  Apply today!

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